25pdr howitzer (British)


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The 25pdr or “Ordance Quick Fire (OQF) 25 pounder” was the standard British field gun during WWII. Combining a high rate of fire, good mobility, a good shell, and capability for both direct and high angle fire, it was a popular artillery piece that stayed in service with the British army until the 1960s. 

The primary armament of the 25pdr was a HE round, but AP, smoke, chemical and star shells were also available. 

From its introduction in 1940, the 25pdr saw service in all theatres of war that the Commonwealth forces were present. This meant it had to cope with everything from hot, dry desert conditions to the wet, steamy humidity of the Burmese jungle.

In addition to its role as a field gun, the 25pdr was also adapted for use in vehicles. Starting initially with the unsuccessful Bishop and finishing with the Sexton, they gave the army much needed mobile artillery support.

This model comes with 3 crew and a spotter, as well as a limber and other accessories.

Scale: 28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72
Model: 25pdr howitzer
Country/Army: British Army
Suitable for: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Chain of Command, Rapid Fire, Iron Cross, Combat Patrol and many others!

Material: UV Cured resin


Item takes paint well once primed. Larger models may be hollow printed. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some additional finishing may be required during assembly. Finished colour of the product may vary from images shown.

Original file by: DeweyCat Productions, Studio Grozny
Painting by: Froggy Paints

*****photos and dimensions are at 28mm unless noted otherwise*****

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28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72


Standard battle dress, 8th Army


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