SAS Jeep (British)


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Stripped down to keep unnecessary weight to a minimum, then loaded up with fuel cans, ammo and as many guns as they could muster, the roving jeeps of the SAS were raiding terrors of the desert. On the night of 26-27th July 1942, 18 jeeps of the SAS tore through the Sidi Haneish airfield and destroyed around 40 aircraft for the loss of only a single jeep and a single soldier – Lance Bombardier John Robson.

Future attacks, either on their own or in conjunction with the LRDG, earned the SAS a deadly reputation, and one that would not have been possible without their dangerously overloaded jeeps!

This model is supplied with multiple crew for different options including single and twin Vickers K guns, Lewis gun and a .50 cal. Uncrewed vehicles are also available as 1 crew set is sufficient for two jeeps.

Please note: due to the nature of the crew, some clipping and filing may be required to fit them.

Scale: 28mm / 1:56, 20mm
Model: SAS Jeep
Country/Army: British/Commonwealth
Suitable for: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Chain of Command, Rapid Fire, Iron Cross, Combat Patrol and many others!

Material: UV Cured resin


Item takes paint well once primed. Larger models may be hollow printed. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some additional finishing may be required during assembly. Finished colour of the product may vary from images shown.

Original file by: Studio Grozny
Painting by: Froggy Paints

*****photos and dimensions are at 28mm unless noted otherwise*****

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28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72


Crew, No Crew


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