B-4 203mm howitzer (Soviet)




The monstrous B-4 (also called “Stalin’s Sledgehammer” by the Germans) was a Soviet 203mm heavy howitzer of World War II. Initially deployed against the Mannerheim Line during the Winter War with Finland, it was also fielded to devastating effect during the Battle of Berlin where it was levelled against German fortifications.

Over 1000 B-4s were produced and number were captured by the Wehrmacht and put into use on the Eastern Front. The tracked carriage allowed for good movement over rough terrain and also removed the need for a stabilising platform – the B-4 could simply stop and fire without any additional rigging or support.

The B-4 is supplied with 15(!) generic crew models in a variety of poses.

Scale: 28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72, 15mm / 1:100
Model: Soviet 203mm B-4 howitzer
Country/Army: Soviet (RKKA)
Suitable for: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Chain of Command, Rapid Fire, Iron Cross, Combat Patrol and many others!

Material: UV Cured resin

Height: 53mm
Width: 55mm
Length: 205mm

Item takes paint well once primed. Larger models may be hollow printed. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some additional finishing may be required during assembly. Finished colour of the product may vary from images shown.

Original file by: DeweyCat Productions, Mr3DPrint
Painting by: MarDav Miniatures

*****photos and dimensions are at 28mm unless noted otherwise*****

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28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72, 15mm / 1:100, 1:87


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