Anti-tank infantry x3 (Japanese)




As some Japanese AT guns struggled to penetrate the armour of the US tanks in the Pacific, a number of close assault anti-tank infantry options were utilised. Some of these were suicidal, where the soldier would run at a tank with a demo charge or mine and detonate on the vehicle killing himself and the tank. Others were small units of hidden soldiers equipped with an assortment of AT grenades and charges would who attempt to swarm and knockout a tank before disappearing back into the jungle. In both cases, the dense terrain and cover of the Pacific Islands allowed them to get close to their targets and offer a high chance of success.

This listing comprises 3 separate models, each armed with a different AT option.

Scale: 28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72, 15mm / 1:100
Model: Anti-tank infantry
Country/Army: Japanese (IJA)
Suitable for: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Chain of Command, Rapid Fire, Iron Cross, Combat Patrol and many others!

Material: UV Cured resin

Item takes paint well once primed. Larger models may be hollow printed. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some additional finishing may be required during assembly. Finished colour of the product may vary from images shown.

Original file by: Studio Grozny
Painting by: MarDav Miniatures

*****photos and dimensions are at 28mm unless noted otherwise*****

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28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72, 15mm / 1:100, 1:87


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