Infantry platoon with support (Japanese)




As a guide, the Infantry platoon with support (as regular troops) is approximately 600pts in Bolt Action and consists of:

1x Officer + 1 aide

2x 10man Infantry Squad (consisting of 1x NCO, 1x LMG + 1x loader, 2x riflemen with AT grenades, 5x riflemen)

1x Type 92 MMG team (3 men)
1x Type 97 81mm Medium Mortar team (4 men + mortar)

1x Type 1 47mm Medium anti-tank gun (3 men + gun)

1x Type 92 Hokuko-Go Armoured Car


Scale: 28mm / 1:56, 20mm / 1:72, 15mm / 1:100
Model: Infantry platoon with support
Country/Army: Japanese (IJA)
Suitable for: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Chain of Command, Rapid Fire, Iron Cross, Combat Patrol and many others!

Material: UV Cured resin

Item takes paint well once primed. Larger models may be hollow printed. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some additional finishing may be required during assembly. Finished colour of the product may vary from images shown.

Original files by: Studio Grozny, DewyCat Productions, IronChicken
Painting by: MarDav Miniatures

*****photos and dimensions are at 28mm unless noted otherwise*****

Additional information


1:87, 28mm/1:56, 20mm/1:72, 15mm/1:100


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