Upcoming release schedule

As MarDav grows, so does the list of excellent WWII printed models created by the designers that we work with.

In order to to keep everything as clear as possible, nothing is listed in the webstore until it is printed, painted and photographed so that you see the final product – not simply a rendered image. However, we do have a large catalogue of available models that ultimately will all be released via the website.

As a result, this does mean that it can take some time to work through all the exciting new files we get, but we do have a plan and so have put together an upcoming release schedule in the run up to the end of the year.

Depending on how quickly we work through any tweaks and test prints, releases may be made before their due date, but hopefully no later than listed here. As much as we would like to release everything at once, we think this approach is better!

26th September 2021 – Vehicles (mostly…)

Type 1 Ho-Ha (Japanese)
M3 Scout car (US/Allies)
Fiat truck (Polish)
CMP F-60 truck (British)
30 CWT truck (British)
Indian Pattern Armoured Car (British)
Otter Armoured Car (British)
Marmon Herrington Armoured Car (British)
LRDG truck/jeep crew (British)
47/32 AT gun (Italian)

10th October 2021 – Soviet Army

Rifle squad
Forward observer team
Sniper team
Officer team
MMG team
Infantry platoon
T34/85 tank
T20 gun tow
OT 26 tank
SU 122 assault gun
ISU 152 assault gun

24th October 2021 British Army

Rifle squad
PIAT team
Officer team
Infantry platoon
Bofors AA gun
Universal carrier 
3” mortar carrier
Churchill Mk IV tank
Valentine tank

7th November 2021 – German Army

Rifle squad
SMG squad
Panzershreck team
Officer team
Forward observer team
Pak 97/38 medium AT gun
Motorcycle and sidecar w/MG

21st November 2021 – Terrain

Sectional factory
Ruined sectional factory
Power plant
Urban ruins
Trenches and gun pits
Italian defensive positions

As you can see, it’s quite a list and will massively expand both our list of available models, as well as the range of countries that we have platoon deals for (currently Italy and Japan), so don’t forget to add some of our WWII 3D printed models to your Christmas list!

Updates are also available via our Facebook page and all new releases will be showcased on our Instagram page.

Martin & Dave